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Whether you’re a vegan or a member of the meat-eating, dairy-loving herd, there’s something to be said about how wonderful Seattle’s vegan culinary scene has become. From vibrant hues to an incredible flavor profile, vegan food has advanced far beyond the moniker “rabbit food.” Seriously, if there was ever a moment to abandon all preconceived notions about vegan eating, it is now. Seattle has long been lauded as a world-class foodie destination, and vegan chefs are sweeping the industry with their delectable meatless concoctions. Let’s check 10 Best vegan food Near Me in Seattle:

1: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe


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If there was ever a café that could be described as a superhero, Chaco Canyon Organic Café is it. The Chaco Canyon Café, founded and run by Chris Maykut, was driven by a desire to nourish the community and promote sustainable farming and business methods. Chaco Canyon Café has grown into a tremendously popular dining establishment with sites in West Seattle and Greenwood in addition to the University District. The garden avocado sandwich, Thai peanut bowl, and cranberry kale salad are among the café’s greatest sellers.

2: Cafe Turko


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With each visit to Café Turko, embark on a gastronomic adventure to Turkey. While Café Turko specializes in Ottoman cuisine, the restaurant also incorporates elements of Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian cuisine. With seasonal cuisine and traditional favorites, the café uses vegan ingredients to create a world of color on each plate. Guests can anticipate pleasant smells and a great presentation with each item. Café Turko’s Turkish Breakfast is one of the restaurant’s key draws; it’s a sprawling buffet of plates that will excite you with both taste and flavor. This restaurant also offers vegan and gluten-free options, as well as halal selections for those who want meat. Also read Breakfast Near Me.

3: Cafe Flora


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Cafe Flora is a charming garden café. Visitors may relax in a neighborhood-style ambiance while eating farm-fresh foods that are both colorful and delectable. Among Café Flora’s must-try dishes is the cornmeal waffle with strawberries and basil, as well as the restaurant’s signature tofu scrambles. Not to be missed are their renowned and enormously popular vegan cinnamon rolls, which feature a nutty, crispy, and sticky flavor profile that will send your taste buds into orbit. After just one visit, you’ll want to make this café your permanent gathering location.

4: ChuMinh Tofu and Vegan Deli

Visiting the ChuMinh Tofu and Vegan Deli is more akin to visiting your grandma and enjoying a home-cooked dinner in her kitchen than it is to dining at a restaurant. ChuMinh’s menu is filled with vegan Vietnamese delicacies that reflect culinary ability and a deep dedication to the craft. Chef Tanya and her crew treat each customer as if they were family, and offer both ala carte and buffet options. ChuMinh Tofu & Vegan Deli’s house specialties include delectable and nutritious pho, heartwarming spicy noodle soups, and banh mi sandwiches, not to mention rice combinations, bubble teas, and other amazing Vietnamese beverages. Also read romantic hotels near me.

5: Harvest Beat


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Harvest Beat is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant dedicated to bridging the divide between farmers, restaurants, and other groups. Each cuisine at the restaurant is inspired by the changing seasons, as indicated by the seasonal availability of local organic products. Due to the Harvest Beat staff’s devotion to utilizing what is available and their remarkable ingenuity, the menu changes frequently. Each night, a brand-new prix fixe meal will dazzle your senses and tantalize your taste buds. Previously created dishes include roasted starburst squash filled with smoked wild mushroom cashew cheese mousse and chocolate cinnamon flan with a walnut brittle fig crust.

6: Plum Bistro


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Dedicated to making veganism accessible and delectable to everyone, the Plum Bistro incorporates the forward-thinking ideals of the new generations in every dish with the end goal of introducing people a plant-based lifestyle. From the juicy and mouthwatering buffalo portobello burger to flatbread pizzas like the Veggie Monster, the Plum Bistro serves up innovative vegan cuisine with stylish and colorful flair. They also offer vegan takes on bistro classics like ravioli, theirs being filled with sweet peas, while taking the streets by storm through the very first vegan food truck in Seattle. The bistro is so popular that they’ve even released a successful cookbook along with other well-received products. Also read best hikes near me.

7: Heart Beet Organic Superfoods Cafe


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Known formerly as Thrive, the Heart Beet Organic Superfoods Café is on a mission to make America healthy again. To do this, they provide the community with access to convenient, delicious, and nutritious offerings that are jam-packed with superfoods. You can be certain that anytime you order something from Heart Beet, you’ll be digging into or sipping on real heart-friendly food that sincerely loves you back. The café is popular for its non-dairy superfood smoothies like the Oh My Wonka, the Celestial Sea, and the Creamsicle. Fresh organic vegetable juice is also on offer, along with a full-on juice cleanse system that is made to order. Meanwhile, the food is nothing short of epic with breakfast bowls like the chia bowl, salads, and raw entrees like the marinated kale salad, vegan burgers, and warm grain bowls.

8: Wayward Vegan Cafe

The Wayward Vegan Café is a family-owned restaurant that gives vegan food that oomph that people think it lacks. One of the ways that the café accomplishes this is through one of its bestsellers, the Mac Daddy. This monstrosity of a burger pays tribute to the Big Mac, but in a way that glorifies how good vegan burgers can really be. The Mac Daddy features two huge and juicy no-beef patties stacked high with lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions between a sesame-free bun and made extra delectable with a Thousand Island sauce. Other badass goodies to enjoy include the Good Morning Crunch Wrap, the Tater Tot Hash, and the Biscuits and Gravy Combo. Also read things to do for kids near me.

9: Veggie Grill


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This casual and healthy eating chain has hundreds of locations all over the country, including two in Seattle with a menu that features good-for-you variations of your favorite not-so-good-for-you meals. Many of the meals at the Veggie Grill could seriously pass for the real deal, such as the BBQ-kicked Chill Out Wings, the Bayou “Chikin'” Sandwich, and the Uptown Nachos. Truly, the Veggie Grill gives people a reason to create fresh, new ways to eat mindfully while celebrating the greatness that every veggie, fruit, grain, and nut has to offer

10: Sunlight Cafe


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The Sunlight Café is the longest-standing vegetarian restaurant in Seattle for a reason – their spectacularly delicious and healthy vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. Located in the bustling Roosevelt district, the Sunlight Café has been in operation for nearly 40 years with dine-in and take-out services available. The café is beloved by the community for their baked goods, which feature a variety of vegan bread and desserts that promise zero use of refined sugar. Some must-tries include their famous sweet potato pie, the grilled tempeh burger, and the Vegan Highlander, a dish of sautéed tofu, tempeh, onions, green and red peppers on a bed of fresh spinach with organic brown rice. Also read hotels with pools near me.

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