things to do in delaware

Delaware was the first state to approve the constitution in 1787. With only 1,900 square miles of land, it manages to cram a lot of activities into a little space. Delaware, dubbed the Diamond State after Thomas Jefferson compared it to a jewel because of its position, is full of memorable moments. It offers all the Mid-Atlantic coastal charm you could want, including history, beaches, family fun, fantastic craft breweries, and all the Mid-Atlantic coastal charm you could desire. Let’s check the best Things To Do In Delaware.

1: Hagley Museum and Library

Things To Do In Delaware

Take a guided tour of Delaware’s Eleutherian Mills, the original du Pont family residence, at Hagley Museum and Library. The historic gunpowder mills, the estate itself, and its enormous gardens are all part of the Hagley Museum and Library.
It was built in the early nineteenth century and is a great example of 19th-century cultural taste. The library’s collection is centred on cutting-edge American business and technology. There are illustrations of how gunpowder was created in the mill itself. The barn also features a fantastic collection of old autos.

2: Delaware Beaches

Things To Do In Delaware

Delaware’s beaches are small-town affairs that are ideal for long hikes and quiet escapes into nature. Imagine yourself strolling through galleries and lovely cottages with a cup of coffee in hand, taking in the sunrise.

Rehoboth Beach is without a doubt the most popular. With year-round pleasant weather, the town’s streets provide excellent restaurants and charming boutique shopping. They also have a large selection of water sports to pick from. Try Dewey Beach if you’re looking for a younger crowd.
Regardless matter where you wind up, you’ll be frustrated that you weren’t able to do everything in one trip. These lovely coastal towns have a certain allure that will keep you coming back for more.

3: Nemours Mansion

Things To Do In Delaware

Alfred du Pont built Nemours Mansion as a gift to his wife Alicia in the early twentieth century. The estate is a sight to behold, complete with unique gardens.
The 300 acres, which have just been restored, are open to the public and guided excursions are available. The hotel, which is located downtown Wilmington, features classic French architecture, five stories, and over 100 rooms. The artwork and objects on show are stunning, and the furniture is antique, much of it original to the mansion.
After visiting the home, stroll through the gardens to see fountains, sculpture, and a maze garden.

4: Delaware Art Museum

Things To Do In Delaware

The Delaware Art Museum is a worthwhile distraction for art lovers and history aficionados alike, with collections ranging from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century.
Helen Farr Sloan, a donor, is primarily responsible for bringing in more than 5,000 pieces.
The Howard Pyle collection, American posters, and Arts and Crafts style metalwork and jewelry are among the special collections. John Sloan is noted for his magnificent representations of turn-of-the-century New York City.

5: Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Things To Do In Delaware

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry connects the states of New Jersey and Delaware. It’s quite likely the most peaceful experience available in Delaware. The ferry will take you past beautiful lighthouses, exotic seabirds, beautiful harbours, and possibly even a dolphin family.
Visit the Mid-Atlantic Centre for the Arts, the county zoo, or a wine tasting path while in Cape May.\6:

6: The Air Mobility Command Museum

Things To Do In Delaware

The Air Mobility Command Museum, which was once a World War II military installation, currently houses 30 antique planes.
They feature planes from the 1940s that were used for airlifting and air refueling. A C130 Hercules, a C-141B Starlifter, helicopters, fighters, a presidential plane, a bomber, and other aircraft can be seen. The museum is included on the National Register of Historic Places and chronicles the heritage of Dover Air Force Base.

7: The John Dickinson Farm

Things To Do In Delaware

The John Dickinson Farm John Dickinson, dubbed the “Penman of the American Revolution,” is credited with authoring the Articles of Confederation in 1778.
His farmstead, which contains the family’s mid-18th century brick house, outbuildings, and slave and tenant dwellings, is open to the public today.
The family, who lived in Dover, relocated to the farm when John was eight years old. Visitors can explore this fully restored historical homestead, which is now a museum that commemorates Dickinson’s crucial role in the formation of a nation.

8: The Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Things To Do In Delaware

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse was established in the early 1800s and has been a long-time landmark along the Delaware shore. Despite the fact that it is no longer operational, the lighthouse has historical significance. The island, which is nearly exclusively staffed by volunteers, attracts a record number of visitors each year who come to learn about Delaware’s unique maritime history.

Although you can no longer climb to the top of the 87-foot lighthouse, the museum and gift store are still open. A trip to Fenwick Island is a nice and relaxing way to spend a day in the quaint community that has grown up around the historic monument.

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