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The Most Scenic Drives Around the World

The Most Scenic Drives Around the World

Summer break is around the corner, which means road trip season is rapidly approaching. Want to go on a road trip this year but don’t know where to go? Look no further than Instagram for a response.

According to the report, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is the most beautiful road trip in the world, followed by California’s Big Sur and the United Arab Emirat’s Jebel Hafeet.

To arrive at this conclusion, the team first compiled a list of the world’s most famous road trips, as well as their locations and lengths. It then used Instagram hashtag data to determine how many photographs were associated with each route, then divided that number by the number of miles covered on the road trip to determine which route had the most photos taken per mile. The Great Ocean Lane, which had the most photos taken per mile, was named the most picturesque road in the world.

Great Ocean Road

Location: Australia
Length: 157 miles

Big Sur

Location: USA
Length: 90 miles

Jebel Hafeet

Location: United Arab Emirates
Length: 7 miles

Hai Van Pass

Location: Vietnam
Length: 13 miles

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Location: South Africa
Length: 5.5 miles

Wild Atlantic Way

Location: Ireland
Length: 1,553 miles

Olympic Peninsula Loop

Location: USA
Length: 300 miles


Icefields Parkway

Location: Canada
Length: 144 miles

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