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Where in San Antonio can one find the greatest tacos? The answer to this question may be the most audacious claim in the San Antonio dining scene, but it’s one on which we definitely must comment. Tacos abound in San Antonio. Many of them are “okay,” “good,” or even “pretty stinking good,” but at Female Foodie, we demand nothing less than the best.

The best tacos near me in San Antonio, we’ve discovered, are generally extremely simple, with only a few components like high-quality meats, handcrafted tortillas, and fresh vegetables and seasonings. And, of course, they’re always incredibly tasty. San Antonio has every reason to call itself the taco capital of the country, with everything from traditional Mexican street tacos to inventive Tex-Mex originals. Please take a look at our list of San Antonio’s greatest tacos.



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Tacos El Regio is a must-include on our list of the greatest tacos in San Antonio for several reasons: They have fantastic tacos and are open late! When you’re out enjoying the nightlife of Alamo City and realise you’re hungry, this is the place to go. The greatest tacos are the asada tacos, and the tostadas are a terrific side dish if you’re still hungry. Say yes to cilantro, queso fresco, avocado, and onions, squeeze that lime, and dig into some of San Antonio’s tastiest tacos. Tacos El Regio has locations in downtown St. Mary’s and Nacogdoches that are only open at night.


Henry’s Puffy Tacos is a San Antonio institution because no one does puffy tacos like Henry. These puffy tacos feature a deep-fried, crisp exterior, a slightly chewy interior, and can be filled with whatever you like. Picadillo and chicken fajita puffy tacos are popular among female foodies. Once you’ve received your order, eat quickly since the juicy meat will ultimately make its way through the crispness of the taco, leaving you scrambling to finish it. If you’re looking for a side dish, the charro beans are a terrific option. Henry’s has grown into quite an impressive list of cantina products over the years, but you’re undoubtedly here for the puffy tacos—some of San Antonio’s best tacos. Also read Best Seafood Restaurants Near Me.


Tacos and Chelas is a newcomer to the San Antonio food scene, but we knew we had to include them after we tried what they had to offer. They not only do a fantastic job with classic street tacos, but they also give traditional Tex-Mex a modern and much-needed makeover with their asada fries and creamy shrimp tacos. These two menu items have familiar flavors, but imaginative delivery and a nice diversion from the ordinary, even though the “ordinary” in this town is amazing. Another must-try is the Costra. Crispy melted cheese topped with diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, red and green salsa, and small tortillas, and served with your choice of meat. Tacos & Chelas’ service can be slow, but the cuisine is definitely worth the wait.



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Chela’s Tacos first caught our attention when they were only a food truck near UTSA. They’ve grown to two locations and are still crushing the taco game. The chicken cilantro and La Costra variations of their namesake tacos will always be our favorites. We’re here for it whenever cheese is melted and crusted over in a tortilla, then wrapped in a fluffy, fresh secondary tortilla and piled with even more goodness. Chela’s use of fresh ingredients means the meal is less greasy than at other restaurants, which is a great plus. They’re closed on Mondays, but there are still six days left in the week to try some of San Antonio’s best tacos. Also read Breakfast Near Me.


You’ll almost certainly be greeted with a smile and a line out the door at this westside neighborhood classic. Garcia’s Mexican Kitchen’s staff is courteous and knowledgeable about the menu, which includes classic Mexican cuisine, Tex-Mex, and a big variety of tacos. The Puerco Con Chile, brisket, and bone-in pork chop tacos are must-tries. These aren’t your typical tacos, which is precisely why we adore them. The rice is definitely worth trying, and it’s available for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. Also read vegan food near me.



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Tacos N Salsa, our favorite place for morning tacos, boasts quick service, a fresh salsa bar, and the finest chilaquiles tacos in town. They now have two locations in San Antonio, making getting your breakfast taco need even easier. The chicken cilantro tacos, the street taco platter, and, of course, the chilaquiles tacos are all must-orders. There are a few other wonderful menu options at Tacos N Salsa to round out your meal, but the tacos are the apparent standout here.



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Cascabel Mexican Patio is number one on our list of the greatest tacos in San Antonio because of the food they offer (obviously), but it would also be number one on a list of the loveliest Mexican restaurants in San Antonio. Its spacious, atmospheric patio and old San Antonio ambience win us over, but it’s the tacos’ perfection that keeps us going back. The meal is homemade and rustic, which we appreciate, and their tacos are more classic Mexican than Tex-Mex, as seen by their smoky, spicy, slow-braised meats and mole. The tacos with cochinita pibil, tinga, or puerco a la cascabel, as well as the Huaraches, are highly recommended. The Huaraches are a stunning combination of meat, cabbage, cilantro, onions, green salsa, and sour cream heaped high on a thick-enough-to-do-the-job corn tortilla. We recommend slicing it several times and picking up each portion before folding it over and munching it. We never hesitate to try something new at Cascabel Mexican Patio, and we always order the limeade.



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Taqueria Datapoint, tucked away in an unassuming San Antonio strip mall, has a friendly, local ambiance and some of the greatest street tacos in town. Instead of frills, you’ll discover wonderful home-cooked meals and limonada (read the whole write-up here). Taqueria Datapoint’s tacos are basic, as are all the best tacos. Simply choose how many you want and which fillings you want. It’s tough to choose just one dish from the tripa, lengua, barbacoa, carnitas, and pastor, so try them all. Don’t forget to use the onions, avocado, and cilantro that come with the tacos. One of the things we like best about this establishment is that it’s open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Monday through Thursday, and even later on Friday and Saturday, so you’ll know where to go when that late-night taco hunger strikes.


Pollos Asados Los Norteos is known for its mesquite chargrilled chicken, which is popular in Monterrey, Mexico. It is the best you can get in the city. Their chargrilled chicken taco, wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla and topped with a layer of their sweet roasted onion and a squeeze of lime, is one of the best in San Antonio. That’s all there is to it. That’s how good it is. This is also a terrific place to bring a group, order a whole chargrilled chicken with sides, and get ready to put together some of San Antonio’s best tacos.



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Taquitos West Ave has the greatest tacos in San Antonio, and we can’t get enough of them! This popular taqueria has two fast-casual outlets in town, all of which are as great. Choose your meat, which will be served on fresh tiny corn tortillas with raw onions and cilantro on top. On the side, you’ll have the choice of adding grilled onions, sliced radishes, and cucumbers. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Once you’ve placed your drink order at the counter, the staff will bring you some of their house salsa to match your plate of made-to-order tacos. The salsa at Taquitos West Ave has just the right amount of spice and vinegar to balance out the richness of the asada, lengua, bistek, tripa, or pastor. The tacos here are nothing to scoff at in terms of their simplicity. Because the ingredients are of such excellent quality, the tastes are able to show through and come together in the most delicious way. If you want to show your out-of-town friends and family why San Antonio tacos are the best, bring them here.

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