Most Beautiful National Parks Sweden

Sweden’s breathtaking natural landscapes include desolate arctic tundras, steep volcanic canyons, and vast seascapes. Prepare to be immersed in the untamed beauty of Sweden’s most magnificent national parks. The frequently frigid yet lush area is home to a diverse range of wildlife. It is the responsibility of Sweden’s national parks to safeguard and preserve this ecosystem for future generations.

National parks include vast swaths of land, typically in the most distant portions of the country. Many national parks provide tourists with the opportunity to take in the breathtaking landscape by providing well-marked hiking trails up ridges and to the tops of lookouts. Traveling by dog sleds or snowshoes is the only method to get around when the snow is too thick on the ground.

The spectacular northern lights may be seen in the wilds of the parks, where bears, lynx, and eagles roam, and park animal lodges offer overnight accommodations. In Sweden’s southern regions summer provides lush landscapes, gushing waterfalls, lakes, and camping in ancient forests. These are the types of landscapes that make for remarkable vacations when bucket lists are checked off, and you see things you never expected to see. Also, read Most Beautiful National Parks in Croatia.

1: Abisko National Park


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The stunning environment of Abisko is one of Sweden’s most accessible national parks. The park, which is located in Swedish Lapland, is a wonderful and diversified habitat with fjords and waterfalls, woods, and snow-capped mountains.

The magnificent views attract many visitors; in fact, Abisko is the country’s most visited national park. The numerous tourists who come to try hiking in the undulating hills, cross-country skiing, and even dog sledding are drawn to the park’s activities.

2: Sarek National Park

Many people find Sarek National Park’s steep glacier valleys, serrated peaks, and violent rivers to be a struggle as if they were transported to another planet. This lonely national park allows brave hikers to explore a terrain filled with brown bears, lynx, and enormous moose, while birds of prey circle overhead.

3: Tyresta National Park

Tyresta, located on the outskirts of Stockholm, is a favorite day-trip destination for city residents. Tyresta is the ideal spot to teach people about respecting nature and enjoying the outdoors because it is close to a big metropolis. Many species of animals thrive in the park’s rift valley setting, which is home to ancient woods that cover the hillsides.

Some pine trees inside the park’s boundaries are over 400 years old, providing visitors with an amazing sight. There are a variety of trails flowing through lakes and along peaks, ranging in difficulty, making the gorgeous terrain accessible to anyone. Also, read Best National Parks in Malaysia.

4: Padjelanta National Park


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Padjelanta, Sweden’s largest national park, translates to ‘the higher land’ in the local Lulesámi language. There are a variety of hiking options here, many of which are pretty straightforward. Short half-day walks can be attempted, while a longer overnight trek can be attempted and stayed at the park’s lodges.

Padjelanta is known for its diverse and rich plant life, which can be seen in abundance along the pathways. The park is also home of many bird species, including the formidable golden eagle and the tiny European golden plover, among others.

5: Tiveden National Park

This rugged and mountainous park, sculpted over millennia by glaciers, is a great place to get lost in nature and discover the Swedish countryside. Tiveden is a playground for eco-explorers, with deep forests begging to be explored and sparkling blue lakes to swim in.

Visitors can stroll along undulating roads, over large rocks, and over rocky rifts to get a glimpse of the breathtaking treetops. Although the park is easily accessible via the highway, it is not overrun with tourists, and much of it feels remote and far-flung. This park is a camping enthusiast’s dream, pitch your tent in the summer, sleep under the stars.

6: Stenshuvud National Park


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The attractive Stenshuvud National Park is made up of craggy cliffs, dense woodland, and sandy beaches. The park is located on the Swedish coast and is ideal for trekking. One of the most scenic routes through the park takes you from sea level to the 100-meter-high overlook, which offers stunning sunset views.

Hikes in the park are color-coded according to their complexity. For a while, relax at the tops of the peaks, listen to the songbirds, and take in the views of the sea. In the summer, the beach is a popular destination for sun worshipers and families; it’s ideal for days spent resting, picnicking, playing in the waves, or swimming. Also, read Most Beautiful National Parks in Sri Lanka.

7: Farnebofjarden National Park

Färnebofjärden National Park, with its rapids and large bays, is a perfect place for fish, birds, and plants to thrive, thanks to the Dalälven river that runs through it. Flooding in the spring shapes and nourishes the ground, creating a unique environment of floodplains, riverfront fens, lush meadows, and ancient forests in the park’s terrain.

Färnebofjärden is home to over 205 bird species, as well as deer, elk, lynx, and beavers, which are a great draw for many visitors. Islands appear as the land floods, and the best way to see them is to rent a canoe and paddle around the canals.

8: Muddus National Park


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If you’re looking for some peace place, Muddus National Park is the place to go. It’s been said that Muddus is the quietest spot in Sweden. The park’s primeval forest, which covers most of the park and absorbs all the noise, is responsible for the tranquility.

The park’s scenery is diversified, from the Muttosädno river, which flows from marshland in the south to the Muddus waterfall, the Mskosgrss box canyon, which seems like a gash in the land.

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