Most Beautiful National Parks in New Zealand

New Zealand’s wide landscapes and views are unlike any other on the planet, and it is known all over the world for its amazing natural beauty. Endless verdant valleys and sun-soaked meadows extend into the distance, with unfathomable crystal clear lakes reflecting the fluffy clouds above them, as lofty snow-capped mountains peak dramatically into the bright blue sky.

The breathtaking environment on display was made famous in the iconic Lord of the Rings films, far from the of the world. New Zealand’s national parks, on the other hand, are thankfully highly protected and kept as a result of their seclusion, with relatively few visitors for such a breathtakingly gorgeous area.

1: Tongariro National Park

The barren rocky landscape punctuated by gleaming turquoise lakes is almost unearthly in appearance. It was the world’s fourth national park when it was founded, which speaks much about the beauty of the scenery.

Three active volcanoes are included inside the park, one of which is Tongariro, which lends the park its name. In addition to lava fields and lakes generated in the craters of extinct volcanoes, the park is located dead in the middle of the North Island. Also, read Most Beautiful National Parks in Croatia.

2: Fiordland National Park

The enormous and expansive Fiordland National Park, one of the world’s largest national parks, is an incredible place to visit. When you witness the massive ravines and fjords left behind by glaciers carving through the rocks over millennia, the ancient nature of this impressive place really gets home. Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound are the park’s most famous fjords, with daily scenic flights and cruises revealing their grandeur to tourists.

Fiordland has it all, from untamed nature to vast woods, steep peaks, and crystal clear lakes. While New Zealand is a never-ending expanse of breathtakingly magnificent scenery, Fiordland manages to distinguish out due to its unrivaled beauty.

3: Mount Cook National Park


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The massive Aoraki/Mount Cook, which lends the park its name, is the country’s highest mountain. It is the main attraction that draws people to the area, standing at a massive 3724 meters. Glaciers cover a large section of the park’s surface, indicating the cold and unwelcoming weather that frequently afflicts the park’s highest peaks.

Snow-capped mountains and Glaciers will amaze you in the daytime, reflecting the sun’s rays and sparkling brightly against the midnight blue sky. The lush foliage contrasts brilliantly with the dead rock of the slope, offering a diverse range of flora and creatures to discover. Also, read Best National Parks in Malaysia.

4: Abel Tasman National Park

The first-ever European explorer to come to New Zealand was named after him, and one can only imagine what he thought when he saw the beautiful shoreline in front of him. The pure turquoise oceans, magnificent sandy beaches, and forested hinterlands of Abel Tasman National Park are stunningly beautiful and not like other national parks in New Zealand.

It may be the smallest, it certainly packs a punch because of the stunning scenery that draws many visitors each year. Nature lovers may opt to stay at one of the park’s campsites or venture into the forest to find one of the beautiful waterfalls that cascade into the pools below.

5: Mount Aspiring National Park


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Because of the abundance of amazing landscapes on offer, this mountainous region of the country must be seen to be believed. Snow-capped peaks soar high above the ravines and valleys below, then plunge suddenly into the lakes and rivers that run between them.

Mount Aspiring, which towers over 3000 meters above sea level, is the park’s fitting name. This national park is famous for mountaineers and environment lovers who flock to the hidden routes and roads that abound among the wilderness, with rugged cliffs and rocky ridges to explore.

6: Westland Tai Poutini National Park


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The Southern Alps’ colossal, dominating summits are really awe-inspiring to behold. These magnificent mountains, which rise to almost 3700 meters at their greatest point, make Westland Tai Poutini an incredible national park to visit.

This tenacious range goes all the way down to the ocean’s edge, providing spectacular vistas of the mountains plummeting into the sea. There are other nice, peaceful lakes interspersed amid the rocky peaks for you to uncover, and part of the fun of the park is stumbling over a crest to find yet another amazing vista before your eyes.

The scenery is dominated by high-altitude glaciers, with Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier being two of the most prominent sights. Take a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of all the beautiful scenery on display for the ultimate viewing experience. Also, read Most Beautiful National Parks in Sri Lanka.

7: Nelson Lakes National Park


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Nelson Lakes National Park is the place to go if you want to see stunning lakes surrounded by dreamy mountains. The rich blue tone of the two lakes of Rotoiti and Rotoroa, which lie deep between rugged ravines and valleys that give way to low-lying mountains, make them truly stunning.

This gorgeous environment, which reflects the sky above them as well as the Saint Arnaud and Mount Robert mountain ranges, will undoubtedly provide you with a variety of unforgettable photo opportunities. Paths and pathways branch out from the lake’s edge, winding their way up the rugged mountainside, and culminating in breathtaking vistas of the pristine landscapes below.

8: Paparoa National Park


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Paparoa boasts a lot of beautiful landscapes for visitors to explore, including the park’s major attraction, the Pancake Rocks. The majestic mountains of the Paparoa Range, located on the South Island’s coast, overlook the Tasman Sea, and the thick woods that cover them only add to the area’s charm.

The national park has a lot of picturesque sights to offer, with steep ravines flowing on each side of pure rivers and canyons cutting through the ancient rock. There are a number of caves hidden within the park’s boundaries that are fun to explore. Paparoa National Area is a beautiful park to visit because of its abundance of spectacular geological formations.

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