Most Beautiful Lakes in Sweden

According to most estimations, Sweden has just under 100,000 lakes, so no matter where you go inside the nation, you’ll never be far from one.

Many are among the largest in Scandinavia and Europe, so it’s no surprise that most of the local population’s year-round enjoyment revolves around these vast and magnificent bodies of water.

Sweden has harsh winters due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle, and many of its lakes are covered in meter-thick sheets of ice for much of the year. However, unlike many other countries, Sweden does not generally come to a halt during the winter.

1: Lake Malaren


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Malaren, sometimes known as Lake Malar in English, is the third largest of Sweden’s lakes. Because it is only a few kilometres west of Stockholm, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The lake was once part of the Baltic Sea, but declining water levels in the 10th and 11th century rendered it isolated. The salt water was eventually replenished with fresh glacial water.

Though the majority of the terrain surrounding the lake is forested, a few golf courses provide a spectacular human-made contrast to the natural environment.

The lake’s tree-lined shoreline are also noted for its unusual and frequently photographed bridges, as well as the little towns and resorts that dot its shores.

2: Lake Vattern


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Lake Vattern is undoubtedly the most attractive of all Swedish lakes, with scenic lighthouses, enormous patchwork patches of farmland protruding inland, and sweeping portions of white sandy beach.

Despite the fact that many of the country’s lakes claim the title, due of its outstanding beauty and central position, you may discover that after a trip to Lake Vattern, you won’t need to visit many more. Also, read Best Tacos near me.

On the lake’s western bank, the historic town of Hjo is one of the last of its sort. Tourists, photographers, and painters love the stark yet beautiful Nordic-style architecture, which is nearly entirely made of wood. For anyone interested in experiencing Sweden’s old-world charm, the tiny town is a must-see. It’s close to a few beaches that are popular for swimming and sunbathing, and they’re all open to the public.

3: Lake Vanern


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Lake Vanern and the surrounding area have been crucial to Sweden’s economy and growth for centuries, with castles on its beaches dating back to the 13th century; many of the adjacent communities still rely on fishing as their primary source of income.

It is Sweden’s largest lake, located in the country’s middle between Oslo and Stockholm on the east-west line. Also read romantic hotels near me.

A number of locks and canals were created during the 1800s to help carry raw resources from one side of the country to the other.

The lake’s virtually flat landscape, as well as its numerous bays, islands, and peninsulas, making it one of the most gorgeous in the world. It’s famed for its spectacular sunsets, so come in the afternoon if that’s something you’d like to see.

4: Lake Storsjon

Lake Storsjon is one of Sweden’s most well-known lakes, partly because it is said to be the home of a legendary creature known as the Lake Storsjon Monster.

Those who claim to have seen it describe it as being roughly 20 feet long, with a long neck and a green-grey body, similar to Scotland’s legendary Loch Ness Monster.

Lake Storsjon is one of the country’s most scenic bodies of water, surrounded by rolling hills, forested peninsulas, and towering, frequently snow-covered mountains on the horizon. Anglers flock to the area in quest of pike, walleye, and trout, both during the summer and during the winter, when ice fishing is popular.

5: Lake Akkajaure

Lake Akkajaure, while being a man-made reservoir, is one of the country’s largest. It was formed in the early twentieth century when the Suorva Dam was erected across the Lule River’s sources.

It’s one of Sweden’s deepest lakes, and its water levels fluctuate a lot since it’s utilised to generate electricity for the surrounding region.

Lake Akkajaure, located in the country’s northwest region about 50 kilometres from the Norwegian Sea, gives visitors some of the country’s most spectacular and unimpeded mountain vistas.

Summer activities include fishing, boating, and swimming, but because of its northern position, fall and winter arrive early, so familiarise yourself with the seasons before planning your plans. Also read Breakfast Near Me.

6: Lake Siljan


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The mild hills and trees that reach right up to the water’s edge surrounding much of Lake Siljan’s perimeter contribute to its visual charm.

It is about seven miles across at its widest point, making it significantly fuller and less narrow than most of Sweden’s lakes. It is located in the Province of Dalarna in the country’s centre.

During the spring and summer months, the island of Solleron in the lake’s northwest corner is a popular destination for sportsmen, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The charming towns along the beach are noted for their unusual architecture, narrow alleyways, and old-world charm, making most tourists feel as if they’ve stepped back in time a century or two.

7: Lake Hornavan

Lake Hornavan is located in Sweden’s north-central region, between Norway and the Gulf of Bothnia. It is the northernmost of a chain of finger-shaped lakes that goes up Sweden’s western border with Norway.

Lake Hornavan, Sweden’s deepest lake, was produced millennia ago by glaciers carving enormous chasms into the earth. The majority of its fresh water originates from glacier melt during the short-lived spring and summer seasons, just like most other lakes in the country. Also, read Best Italian Restaurants Near Me.

There are many year-round lodging alternatives near the lake. There are several options for individuals who want to participate in group or guided trips, including some highly rustic wilderness adventures that are ideal for the young, fit, and courageous.

8: Lake Asnen


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The archipelago of more than 1,000 islands that dot the surface of Lake Asnen, which is located in Sweden’s south-central region between the Baltic and North Sea shores, is the most well-known feature of the lake.

Bird-watchers and wildlife photographers flock to the lake because it is close to the privately owned Getna Gard wildlife preservation area, one of Scandinavia’s largest bird sanctuaries.
Bird watchers should bring their binoculars and identification guides, as well as enough time to spend in this beautiful area.  Also, read Burgers Near Me.

The lake is also a labyrinth of waterways running between the islands, making it reasonably easy for kayakers, paddleboarders, and fishermen to discover quiet nooks and sections of beach throughout the spring and summer months.

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