Their setting alone is sufficient motivation to visit France’s charming towns. In the case of spiraling up soak rough outcrops or transcending moving vineyards and manicured fields of lavender, these roosted desert gardens of rustic magnificence mix apparently into the superb scenes encompassing them. Like entries to the past, they consolidate enchanting medieval design with gobs of social interest and a sprinkle of je ne sais quoi, giving a charming voyage through the France of times passed by. Here is the list of Most Beautiful And Must Visit Villages/Towns In France. This article will also help you to find the best countryside in France.

1: Eguisheim


Moving vine-covered slopes encompass the beautiful town of Eguisheim on the Alsatian Wine Route. Its concentric tight avenues fixed with vivid half-timbered houses and entirely flower blooms twist like a snail’s shell around a medieval mansion, while pointed peaks, tithe yards, and quite memorable wellsprings add to the fantasy feel. Eguisheim is one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.

2: Beynac-et-Cazenac


Incorporated with the precipices along the River Dordogne, Beynac-et-Cazenac is a bunch of ochre stone houses and curiously limited paths asking to be investigated. Commanding the town, the twelfth century Château de Beynac is a standout amongst other saved medieval strongholds in France and offers grand sees over the encompassing valley.

3: Yvoire


An individual from Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (The Most Beautiful Villages of France), Yvoire draws in a great many guests each late spring with its pure blossom adorned boulevards and breathtaking Garden of Five Senses. Something else, its invigorated noteworthy focus is loaded with medieval fortunes, and winding cobblestoned back streets lead to the peaceful shores of Lake Geneva, where angling vessels bounce tenderly in the water.

4: La Roque-Gageac


Sandwiched between transcending limestone banks and the wandering Dordogne stream, the exceptional town of La Roque-Gageac is home to ancient bluff residences, a twelfth-century troglodyte stronghold, and a dazing outlandish nursery loaded up with palms, agaves, fig-trees, and bamboos. Wherever else, affected chateaux and regular nectar shaded houses with Lauzé rooftops compete for space along the cobbled confounded roads.

5: Saint-Cirq-Lapopie


If you are looking for where to stay in French countryside then this is best place. Falling down a sheer bluff high over the River Lot, earthenware tiled Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is substantially more than only a pretty face. Wealthy in history and legacy, the town is no more unusual to vacationers, yet some way or another has figured out how to hold all the appeal and character of days of old. There are wonderful cleared back streets to walk around, adorable fancy porches to sit at and respect the view, just as entrancing Gothic façades, sustained entryways, and craftsmanship displays to find.

6: Locronan


Curious cleared avenues wind past characterful rock structures sprinkled with purple wisteria in Locronan. Popular for its intricate strict parade (Troménie), this quintessentially Breton town spins around Place de l’Eglise, a stunning cobbled square surrounded by abundantly saved Renaissance houses. Additionally here you’ll locate an antiquated well, just as the fifteenth century Church of Saint Ronan, which is a great case of showy Gothic design. Covered up in the side avenues are a wide range of specialty boutiques, sweet crêperies, and welcoming open air porches to sit and loosen up between promenades.

7: Gordes


One of Provence’s most dazzling peak towns, Gorges has since a long time ago allured specialists and voyagers from everywhere throughout the world with its rural atmosphere and a sensational setting on the edge of the Vaucluse level.

With its old dry-stone houses, quintessential earthenware housetops, and sentimental calades – limited, arcaded cobbled lanes average to the region, it gave the ideal background to the motion picture A Year in Provence featuring Russel Crowe and Marion Cotillard.

While from March to October brilliant celebrations inhale new life into the town, its astounding perspectives and energetic Tuesday market stay most loved all year attractions.

8: Flavigny


Tough medieval dividers and forcing stone entryways to outline this gorgeous religious town in the Cote d’Or division of Burgundy. Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, or just Flavigny, was utilized as the setting for the 2000 dramatization Chocolat highlighting Johnny Deep and Juliette Binoche, and it’s no big surprise why. Revolved around an eighth-century Benedictine monastery, it overflows history from each cobblestone of its sentimental back streets, while a sweet aroma of anise fills the air.

The town is especially popular for the anise-based confections produced in its medieval religious community since the ninth century. Indeed, Les Anis de Flavigny manufacturing plant is the most established brand in the whole nation, and one of its generally adored. These are all must visit French villages.

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