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There are certainly worse spots to be in if you find yourself in the Colorado area with an unwavering desire to fish nearby. Many areas of Colorado are devoid of lakes and rivers, yet the lush, mountainous environment just outside of Colorado’s second largest city is teeming with streams, lakes, reservoirs, and a diverse array of fish.

1: Arkansas River

Anglers who don’t want to travel too far outside of town will appreciate the fact that this scenic river has fishable places within an hour’s drive of Colorado Springs. The Arkansas River, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, provides excellent fishing opportunities for everyone from expert fly anglers and women to young children.

Some areas of this river are recognised as “Gold Metal” waters, which means they yield 60 pounds or more of trout per acre. There are fishing spots along Highway 50 from where the river empties into Lake Pueblo to Caon City and beyond, but your best bet is to head west of Royal Gorge Mountain Park, which is still only about an hour’s drive from Colorado Springs. Also read Best Seafood Restaurants Near Me.

2: Monument Lake

This next location is perfect for teaching little children and novice adults how to fish. Monument Lake, located 30 minutes north of town in Monument, offers easy access shore fishing and a beautiful view of the Front Range foothills northwest of Colorado Springs.

This is the place to go if you’re searching for a quick and easy way to fish close town. Monument Lake has been stocked with 10,000 rainbow trout and 2,000 channel catfish, according to recent sources, although it also has perch, bluegill, and largemouth bass.

3: Pikes Peak South Slope Recreation Area

You’ll need a permit to fish here, but the South Slope Recreation Area of Pikes Peak is said to provide some of the most gorgeous and exhilarating fishing near Colorado Springs. Many outdoor enthusiasts avoid this magnificent spot due to the necessity for a permit and the hour and 45 minute trip required to get here, which means the fish are numerous and the crowds are few.

If you like cutthroat trout, the two reservoirs in the area will be of particular interest to you––

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2020 Fishing Forecast, Mason Reservoir has a “abundance” of cutthroat trout. This location is at a high elevation and is only open from late spring to early fall.

4: Quail Lake Park

Quail Lake, a popular suburban fishing area near I-25 in southern Colorado Springs, has been described as “pleasantly surprising” by internet reviewers. The lake’s waters, which are perfect for kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats, are claimed to be home to trout and huge carp. If you don’t mind the crowds and the continual oceanic roar of the neighboring freeway, this is a great place to go fishing during your lunch break or to bring your family during the summer. Also read Breakfast Near Me.

5: Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area

Before we tell you too much about this area, be aware that due to its popularity, state officials have begun restricting entrance to its parking lot as soon as it fills up in the middle of the day on summer weekends. The Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area, located an hour outside of Colorado Springs near Woodland Park, offers lake, pond, river, and winter ice fishing.

Trout are supplied in the area’s reservoirs and ponds, which can be fished from the shore or from a non-motorized boat. Anglers, hikers, and campers adore the bulbous rock formations that line areas of Rampart Reservoir, as well as the spectacular patches of gold aspen leaf that appear each fall.

To get the most out of your fishing trip here, camp near the water and get an early start in the morning to maximise your fishing time. Aside from fishing, the area has fantastic hiking routes, rock climbing, horseback riding, and plenty of winter activities. Also read vegan food near me.

6: Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area

The Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area is home to three large and gorgeous bodies of water, all of which are said to be stocked with rainbow, greenback cutthroat, and brook trout. Try your luck with shore fishing or, better yet, use a kayak, canoe, or paddle boat to go to the deepest areas of the reservoirs.

This site is a third of the distance to the South Slope Recreation Area, so it’s lot faster and easier to get to, but it’s also considerably more busy. However, based on internet reviews, these picturesque reservoirs contain plenty of fish for all. Crystal Creek Reservoir, South Catamount Reservoir, and North Catamount Reservoir are all notable lakes.

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