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What Is Craigslist Phoenix

Craigslist Phoenix is a place where Phoenix and Arizona people can submit and see free online classified ads.


Craig is a real character who started out a listing of things that have been occurring in his community. in keeping with the website, craigslist gets greater than 20 billion web page views per month. Craigslist Phoenix is now a huge net site, with listings for greater than 500 cities in 50 international locations. The Phoenix, Arizona region, was added in 2002.


Craigslist Phoenix


Maximum of the time, nothing. There isn’t always even a demand to sign up or check in to view the ads.

what you’ll get

Personal ads, things on the market, garage sales, pets for adoption, apartments and rooms for rent, services offered, misplaced and located, task postings, discussion forums and greater. basically, if a person has something and a person wants something, you can locate it there on Craigslist Phoenix.

Guarantee of products or services

There are none. these are simply classified ads. They haven’t any private understanding of any of the goods or services presented through them. purchaser pay attention. moreover, while there had been incredibly few violent crimes related to craigslist, you must workout the identical common experience which you could for your other dealings, specially when it comes to agreeing to fulfill strangers or go to their homes.

Fraud Warning

The higher commercial enterprise Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern & Western Arizona has issued a warning about Craigslist Phoenix ads that falsely claim BBB accreditation and that the vendor participates in a phony client’s protection program. This supposed application could defend the customer must they not receive the objects for which they paid. The BBB has no such program; there is no such factor as a BBB safety application. buyers are suggested to test a commercial enterprise’ accreditation and score on the higher commercial enterprise Bureau internet site without delay. do not take their phrase for it because they wrote it in a unfastened categorized ad.

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