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Travel Guide To Cook Islands

cook islands

In case you’re arranging your next Cook Islands escape, look no more distant than our thorough guide specifying all you have to think about the otherworldly Cook Islands. From transport inquiries and flight costs, to much of the time posed inquiries like when is the best time to visit? Let us help answer all your basic travel questions with the goal that you can quit pushing, and start pressing.

Where Is Cook Islands:

Only 6 hours from Australia east coast lies unadulterated tropical heaven known as The Cook Islands. A volcanic archipelago of 15 islands rambling 2 million square kilometers over the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are a captivating tropical perfect world. Spend your vacation in that exceptional spot where immaculate beaches meet turquoise tropical water and find unadulterated unwinding as you loosen up to the hints of delicately influencing palms and delicate smashing waves.

Things To Do In Cook Islands:

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1: Aitutaki Day Tour


This entire day visit is a magnificent method to investigate the pleasant and enchanting little island of Aitutaki. Aitutaki Day Tour is short departure from the fundamental island gives heavenly perspectives on the seaward islets, defensive coral reefs and flawless white sea shores that outskirt the islands. A guided visit through the principle township of Arutanga and commercial center and inland towns of Tauto and Vaipae will give an intriguing knowledge into conventional island culture.

2: Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise


Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise is the ideal method to go through a day investigating and getting a charge out of the secured tidal pond region of Rarotonga. A voyage in a glass base pontoon to the famous Muri Lagoon is the truly flawless see to the staggering coral and extraordinary marine life that you will investigate close up as you hand feed and snorkel among schools of tropical fish. One of the features of the visit is the new BBQ fish lunch on Koromiri Island joined by the sweet hints of local tunes and entrancing presentations of conventional moving.

3: Koka Lagoon Cruises


Investigate Muri Lagoon with Koka Lagoon Cruise’s half day visit. Appreciate an exciting day being engaged by the vivacious team, swimming in a marine hold, seeing coral from the glass base pontoon and relishing a flavorful fish BBQ with new plates of mixed greens and tropical natural products. Be wowed by a coconut tree climbing showing and find out about the nearby culture. Koka Lagoon Cruise is incredible for all ages, youthful and old and ideal for first-time and experience snorkellers. This critical visit will be a feature on your visit to the Cook Islands.

4: Diving:


There are more than 30 plunge locales among the Cook Islands with a lot of choices for tenderfoots and progressively experienced jumpers. Both Rarotonga and Aitutaki offer effectively open jump spots off shallow beachside tidal ponds, that gradually dive and drop off to uncover a heap of coral developments. In case you’re hoping to plunge further. the Cook Islands offer many jumping visits to coral reefs a short separation off the islands.

Making a plunge the Cook Islands, you can hope to see a variety of various fish species, for example, blessed messenger fish, butterflies, parrot fish, moray eels, specialists, puffer fish, trumpet fish, wrasse and triggers.

5: Fishing:


The island of Aitutaki is only a short ways from the primary island of Rarotonga and is the place the huge and quick Bonefish pause. A good time for fly fishers and a genuine pleasure for fishermen, Bonefish are an energizing and moving fish to chase. The vast water outside the island of Aitutaki is additionally extraordinary for attempting your karma with Wahoo, Mahi, Yellow Fin Tuna, Pelagics, Bill Fish and Giant Trevally for the ardent game fisher. Rarotonga is likewise the spot to pursue down species, for example, Skipjack Tuna and Marlin and the fake reef frameworks that encompass the shores pull in some huge fish inside 1 to 3km seaward and up to 1500m profound, especially with the guide of Fish Aggregation Devices (FAD’s)

6: Culture town visit:


Te Vara Nui Village offers an astute Cook Islands visit investigating the history and bright culture of the Cook Island Maoris. The Cultural Village Tour enables visitors to have a quality hands-on involvement in conventional exercises and customs. This visit is phenomenal for families and is an absolute necessity on any Cook Islands occasion agenda.

Cook Islands Hotels:

Find the terrific determination of world class convenience over the Cook Islands. Our expertly curated occasion bundles enable guests to package together well known retreats, manors and lodgings with flights, visits, moves and other travel fundamentals. From the well known island center point of Rarotonga, to the staggering and remote Aitutaki, Let’s explore the mystical Cook Islands with the friendliness of the islands most loved Hotels and Resorts.

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