Best Things to Do in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee is named after a city in Egypt, and it even has its own pyramid! The Memphis pyramid, however, is far more flashy and modern than the originals. The Mississippi River runs through the city.

It’s a well-known tourist attraction known for its vibrant music scene, flamboyant culture, and succulent BBQ ribs. Beale Street, the city’s colorful and bustling main thoroughfare, is one of the greatest places to go for bars and blues music! In Memphis, there’s always something strange and beautiful going on, as well as plenty of entertaining things to do. It’s also where the Civil Rights Museum is located, as well as where Elvis Presley lived when he was a teenager.

1: Graceland

Elvis Presley began his career in Memphis and spent the majority of his life there. The Graceland mansion is where he built his house. Elvis Presley died in the mansion in 1977, at the age of 42. His fortune was given to his father, who then passed it on to his daughter, Lisa.

In 1982, the home was opened to the public. You won’t be able to stay in the mansion, but there is a neighboring guest house with 450 rooms and a 464-seat theater where live music is performed.

2: Sun Studio

Sun Studio is the home of rock & roll, if Beale Street is the home of the blues. Howling’ Wolf, BB King, and subsequently Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash were among the performers who recorded for it. It first opened its doors on January 3rd, 1950, and has since become legendary.

You’ll be able to listen to old recordings by legendary rock and roll, country, and blues singers and bands throughout your tour of the studio, as well as learn about how their careers took off and led them to prominence. Also. read Best Things to do in Anchorage.

3: Stax Museum of American Music


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Stax Records is a recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee, that first opened its doors in 1957 under a different name. After releasing popular soul singles, as well as blues, funk, and gospel records, the studio became well-known.

In 1972, Stax organized the Wattstax festival to mark the 7th anniversary of the Watts riots. The revolt took place in Los Angeles in 1965, with 34 people dead and almost 3,400 imprisoned.

4: Beale Street


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Beale Street has everything. In downtown Memphis this street is more than simply a popular tourist attraction, it has played an important role in Memphis’ history, particularly for the African-American population.

It was founded in 1841 and had a significant impact during the Civil War when black culture and commerce flourished in this Memphis neighborhood. When the city’s population was decimated by yellow fever in the 1870s, a freed slave called Robert Church invested in reconstructing Beale Street. On Beale Street, he developed a park that became a hub for blues musicians. Also read Best Things to Do in Las Vegas.

5: National Civil Rights Museum

Between 1950s and 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement shook the country. African Americans battled for equal rights tenaciously, marching for hours in protracted marches and speaking out. The goal of the movement was to end legalized racial discrimination and segregation.

The museum features exhibits on Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and many other significant Civil Rights figures. Right here in Memphis, you can ride the Cleveland Avenue bus in solidarity with Rosa and see a reproduction of the Lorraine Motel room where Martin Luther King was slain.

6: AutoZone Park


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The Memphis Redbirds play on this Minor League Baseball field, which was established in 2000. It’s on Union Avenue in downtown Memphis, near restaurants and hotels. The AutoZone hosts University of Memphis baseball games as well as Minor League games on occasion.

The rooftop garden, which grows food and native plants and was developed to address sustainability in sports, adds a unique twist to the structure of the courts. There are numerous seating solutions available to fit a variety of budgets and requirements.

7: Memphis Zoo


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If you are facing a problem coming up with a fun activity for the whole family, the zoo is a fantastic place to start. You can get outside, learn about exotic creatures, and spend quality time with your loved one all at the same time.

You’ll laugh at the cheeky monkeys, be astonished by the elephants and giraffes’ immensity, and be relieved that there’s a barrier between you and the polar bears. Fish, amphibians, mammals, and birds of various types can all be found at the zoo. Also read Best Things to Do in Curacao.

8: Memphis Botanic Garden

These charming and lovely gardens provide a welcome respite from the city’s bustling streets and raucous bars. This is a terrific alternative if you need some peace and quiet and a breath of fresh air. The nicest aspect is that you can get away from it all without leaving the city.

The gardens are kept immaculate by the botanic gardens’ gardening specialists and are best experienced on a sunny day, particularly in the spring when everything is in flower.

Gardening workshops, fun events for kids, and more are all available at the Botanic Gardens. Come seek advice from the team if you’re a passionate or aspiring gardener.

9: Shelby Farms Park

This large park contains numerous paths, lakes, and ponds that you may enjoy and explore while walking, biking, or jogging. The park also has a fishing pond, which is a unique feature of this city park.

Don’t worry if you’re bringing children. The park contains a playground, also a water play area where kids may splash and play. If you’re looking for a rush, try a game of laser tag or paintball, or take a GoApe zipline trip up into the treetops.

10: Statue of Elvis


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Have you always wanted to meet Elvis Presley and take a picture with him? Now’s your opportunity to shine! You’ll locate him if you go downtown Memphis and go down Beale Street. Elvis Presley is a well-known musician who has been dubbed the “King of Rock & Roll.” He moved to Memphis when he was 13 years old and never left. Also read Best Things to Do in Rotterdam.

Tracks like It’s Now or Never catapulted him to prominence and propelled him to the top of the charts. You’ll be All Shook Up when you see his monument, which is presently housed in the Memphis Welcome Center, was erected in 1980. After being aged and worn by the elements, it was transported there. There was no Elvis statue on Beale Street for three years after it was removed, but a new one was installed in 1997, much to the delight of Elvis lovers everywhere.

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