Best Things to Do in Lake Charles

This small Louisiana town strikes the ideal balance between extreme outdoor adventures, easy nature retreats, and high-quality city entertainment for guests. Charles Sallier was one of the first people to build a residence and establish in the area, and his name was given to the city.

Lake Charles is well-known for its gaming opportunities, but there are many other things to do in the area. The Acadian city is located near a number of freshwater lakes and rivers that feed into the Gulf of Mexico’s the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Charles is the most popular lake, and it even has its own sandy beach!

The area has a long history of piracy, and notable pirates like as Jean Lafitte have visited. Keep an eye out for hidden gems; you never know what you might come across!

1: Golden Nugget Casino

Another of Lake Charles’ hotel casinos is this opulent structure. The facility is enormous, with numerous amenities and entertainment possibilities. A terrific place to visit with a group of friends or a couple seeking to have a good time!

The stakes are high in the hotel’s casino; after all, your wealth may be just a roll of the dice away! Why not give Lake Charles a shot? You can retire to your magnificent room after a game of poker or a spin on the slot machines.

Get up and walk outside for a relaxed day at the hotel’s private lakeside beach or one of the exquisite swimming pools. There is a vibrant nightlife, a golf course, a spa, restaurants, and shops at the hotel.

2: Charpentier Historic District


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This section of downtown Lake Charles is rich of homes built in a variety of architectural styles during the late 1800s and the early 1900s. During your visit, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about Lake Charles’ history by touring some of the city’s most famous mansions and structures.

The majority of the sites are Victorian in style and made of wood. To honor the talented carpenters who designed and built some of Lake Charles’ finest homes, the district was named “Charpentier,” after the French word for carpenter. Also. read Best Things to do in Anchorage.

3: L’Auberge Casino Resort

This tall, modern glass skyscraper is one of the largest in Lake Charles, and it sticks out among the city’s smaller structures and residences. The resort serves as both a hotel and a casino, providing a fun, relaxing, and restful environment!

During your vacation, why not try your hand at poker or blackjack? Who knows, you might strike it rich! At a card table or a casino slot machine, you can spend anything from a dollar to a fortune, and then hope to win it all back!

While you’re gone, the hotel is meant to let you relax and unplug. L’Auberge has a golf course, boutique stores, and a spa. The resort is ideal for groups of friends and couples that want to spend their vacation together.

4: Sam Houston Jones State Park

This public park is named after Louisiana’s 46th governor. The terrain has been left relatively undeveloped, and it is still home to a diverse range of local fauna. During your visit, it will be difficult to ignore the plentiful biodiversity, particularly birds.

The park is largely wooded, with some longleaf pines thrown in for good measure. This pine species was formerly common in the United States, but it is now uncommon, providing yet another reason to visit the park! The environment is a haven for birds. Surprisingly, the park can have up to 200 species at any given time.

Boating, biking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking are all popular activities here. It will be difficult to become bored with so many activities available in one location. There are a range of lodging options available to fit any budget. Also read Best Things to Do in Las Vegas.

5: Prien Lake Park


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The park spans along the edge of Lake Prien, a popular city lake that is further south than Lake Charles and closer to the Gulf. The greatest time to visit this lakeside park is around sunset, when you can watch the sunset over the lake and marvel at the vibrant hues that reflect off the clouds and shimmering water.

There are numerous picnic sites, which are ideal for enjoying an outdoor lunch among the woods. A quick stroll in the park is perfect. When the youngsters get tired of wandering, they can muck around on the small playground nearby.

6: Millennium Park


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This park is near to Lake Charles and is a fantastic place to come before or after a family walk along the lake. On a hot, bright day, Millennium Park is the perfect spot to visit.

You can rest and relax on a nearby bench while the kids play on the playground; you might want to bring a book with you! The playground is decorated as a pirate ship and features a variety of entertaining activities such as monkey bars and pirate tree huts. Also read Best Things to Do in Curacao.

They can play on the swings and climb the climbing wall. In this pleasant little park, a few hours will fly by, and if you bring some refreshments, you might be able to stay longer! This park is enjoyable for children of all ages.

7: Historic City Hall

This historic structure was constructed in 1911 to replace the former city hall, which had been sadly destroyed by fire in 1910. The structure was built in the Spanish Baroque style and has an interesting and well-preserved facade with a charming clock tower in the centre.

For many years, it served as the town hall, but in 2004, it reopened as an art gallery and cultural centre. In the Historic City Hall, there are three levels worth of art displays to see. Photographs, ceramic art, paintings, and a variety of other visual arts are on display.

The art centre has hosted some remarkable touring exhibitions, including one including Titanic artefacts! After you’ve seen the gallery, take a stroll around the property’s exterior, which includes a charming courtyard. Also read Best Things to Do in Rotterdam.

8: Imperial Calcasieu Museum


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This city museum is a wonderful spot to spend some time appreciating gorgeous paintings. You can also inquire about and participate in educational events during your visit.

There are several permanent and temporary exhibitions of artists from all around the world in the Imperial Calcasieu Museum. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and each exhibition features a variety of artistic techniques and visual arts.

The museum is located on West Sallier Street, close to Lake Charles. A lovely walk along the lakefront can be added to your stay. The museum is only open three days a week, so double-check the hours before going.

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