Best Things to do in Fairbanks

Fairbanks is a one-of-a-kind settlement in Alaska’s vast interior. Fairbanks is the ideal location for epic adventures and cultural attractions, and it’s ideal for individuals who want lengthy summers with midnight sun or those who want to see the chilly northern lights.

Travelers might easily arrive in Fairbanks solely for the local experiences due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle. However, they doing themselves a disservice if they did so. You’ll find cultural and historical activities to do in Fairbanks all across the city, showcasing life in the far north.

Fairbanks transforms into an outstanding year-round destination for anyone prepared to survive the cold months. A spot to go exploring in the wilderness with hardly any other people around.

1: Northern Lights Tour

The Northern Lights Tour is a must for those prepared to brave the cold for a once-in-a-lifetime light show. Because Fairbanks is located directly beneath the “Aurora Oval,” the chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, are extremely high.

The Northern Lights are most visible between August and March. Travelers should leave Fairbanks and head to the countryside for the finest viewing opportunity. The washout from city lights is lower where you’ll locate it. Also read Best Things to Do in Curacao.

2: Chena Hot Springs

The beautiful Chena Hot springs are a simple day excursion approximately 1.5 hours east of Fairbanks. The mineral-rich hot springs are naturally heated. They can achieve temperatures of 106 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to defrost you on the harshest Alaskan days.

The outdoor pools are surrounded by enormous stones and provide a stunning backdrop. However, keep in mind that these are just for adults. If you’re traveling with kids, the more family-friendly indoor pools are available.

3: Museum of the North

Visit the Alaska Museum of the north for an in-depth look at Alaskan history. With approximately 1.4 million artifacts and specimens, it is the state’s only research and teaching museum.

You’ll quickly discover that this facility has everything you need. From 2 millennia of Alaskan art to a 36,000-year-old mummified bison fondly known as “Blue baby,” there’s something for everyone. You easily spend a whole day here, thanks to a beautiful exhibit housing the state’s greatest gold collection. Also read Best Things to Do in Las Vegas.

4: Aurora Ice Museum

Alaska’s coolest museum is located at Chena Hot Springs, about an hour from Fairbanks. We mean “coolest” in the literal sense. The Aurora Ice Museum, which is kept at a bone-chilling 25 degrees Fahrenheit, lives up to its name.

Steve and Heather Brice, 16-time world champion ice carvers, dreamed up the museum and saw it through. “The World’s Largest Year-Round Ice Environment,” as it’s been dubbed.

5: Fountainhead Auto Museum

The Fountainhead Auto Museum has over 85 classic cars on exhibit that will transport you back in time. This museum is as distinctive as it is dynamic, with nearly all the pre-World War II automobiles remaining in working order. Every year, the museum curator makes it a point to take each car for a drive outside!

The Fountainhead Auto Museum was established to showcase the narrative of Alaska’s colorful past. Take in the images, interesting facts, and vintage fashion displayed among the automobiles. The museum’s capacity to demonstrate the era’s technological breakthroughs and historical relevance will be enough to entice a wider audience than just automotive lovers.

6: Riverboat Discovery Cruise

Take a three-hour cruise through the Alaskan riverbank on a real Alaskan Sternwheeler. You will have a fantastic excursion in the woods around Fairbanks if you cruise down the Chena and Tanana rivers outside of town.

A one-hour stop to Chena Indian Village is included in the itinerary. At the village, local guides take you on a tour of their Athabascan home, explaining their relationship with the earth and wildlife. Make a point of looking at the natives’ dress. It’s constructed from land hides and fur, then hand-sewn with beautiful beadwork.

7: Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a nice place to visit if you’re looking for a mix of excitement and history. Pioneer Park was established to display Fairbank’s history through many museums and events and is best defined as half-theme park, half-historic park. A playground, a carousel, and a train that runs around the perimeter are among the attractions. It’s simple to see why the park is a popular family destination.

There’s also a faux gold rush village and pioneer log homes, which make for great photo possibilities. In the meantime, visit several interesting museums that will keep you and your children occupied for the entire day. Also. read Best Things to do in Anchorage.

8: Georgeson Botanical Garden


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Looking for a beautiful walk amid the flowers? At the University of Alaska’s School of Natural Resources, you’ll find exactly that. Visitors will find a vast variety of unique and lovely flora in the Georgeson Botanical Garden. It’s not only attractive, but it’s also educational.

The garden offers numerous opportunities to learn about how plants survive and grow in Alaska’s harsh climate. Try to figure out how long it takes you to get out of Alaska’s largest hedge labyrinth, which is located within the gardens.

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