Best Places to Visit in North Carolina

North Carolina provides something for new grads, families, and retirees, with an astounding number of world-class universities, quiet small town living, up-and-coming cities, and a beautiful environment.

Many of the state’s mid-sized cities are home to prestigious colleges, which have attracted a high level of educational excellence and prompted several significant corporations to locate in the state.

The population of the Old North State is around 10 million people, evenly distributed across a variety of medium-sized cities, as well as picturesque mountain and seaside communities. Great employment options, diversified neighborhoods, inexpensive cost of living, and a welcome reconfiguration of your work/life balance are all available in North Carolina’s top cities.

1: Charlotte

Queen City, North Carolina’s largest city, with a population of about 850,000 people. Charlotte, as its population suggests, has all of the amenities of a major city, including a thriving hospitality sector, superb arts and culture, and proximity to nature.

You’ll find a fairly diversified population because to the large number of institutions (over 40) and the fact that Charlotte is quickly becoming a destination for folks moving from out of state.

In comparison to other large cities, Charlotte has a lower cost of living. By 2021 standards, the home market is still reasonably affordable, and the job market is competitive. While the city retains its Southern origins, especially in the local food scene, there’s a good chance you’ll meet people from all over the country. Also, read Best Places to Visit in Georgia.

2: Asheville


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Asheville has become one of the most appealing communities in North Carolina, boasting some of the state’s most beautiful scenery. People are flocking to the renowned tourist location as they want to strike a better balance between major city conveniences and access to nature and small-town life.

Many of the original components that made Asheville such a terrific tourist destination are still present, in addition to the rising job market. Asheville, a mecca for artists, explorers, foodies, and musicians, boasts an incredible art and culture scene, a terrific array of breweries, and, of course, enviable access to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Asheville and its surrounding areas now have a population of over 360,000 people, with a higher than average property price than other large cities such as Charlotte.

3: Raleigh


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Raleigh, the final city in the Research Triangle on this list, is a highly ranked place to live. Some may even argue that it is the state’s best city. North Carolina’s state capitol has done more than enough to make it famous for other reasons.

It’s become a popular choice for families looking for a good education, professionals looking for new chances, and individuals looking for a lower cost of living without sacrificing convenience.

With so much to do for young and old, there’s a potential that everyone may find their “home” in Raleigh. There are numerous well-kept parks, as well as museums, local sports, live music, and numerous outdoor activities. Also, read Best Places to Visit in Oklahoma.

4: Greensboro

Greensboro is a centrally located city in the northern part of the state, with five colleges and a vibrant local arts scene. Greensboro, located just a few hours from both the famous Blue Ridge Mountains and the lovely seashore, offers the best of both worlds.

Despite having a population of just under 300,000 people, Greensboro has frequently ranked as one of the “Greenest Cities in America.” The town has a number of green programmes in place, with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Residents may enjoy local culture while also exploring the 90 miles of nature trails and greenways on the same day.

The cost of living is lower than in other North Carolina communities, while still providing outstanding amenities, employment, and social possibilities.

5: Durham


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Durham, which is home to the world-famous Duke University, has always been a prominent tourist destination. The local workforce has migrated into different industries over time, with a significant focus on medical and innovation.

This should thrill career-minded folks who want to go away from the large metropolis while yet having access to great job prospects in a smaller location.

Apart from employment, Durham has a lot to offer its citizens, whether it’s a wide range of live sports, live entertainment, or the performing arts. Watch off-Broadway musicals or college basketball and football in the evenings.

Enjoy a short trip from Durham to other members of the Research Triangle, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, while only a few hours away from the beautiful North Carolina coast. Also, read Best Places to Visit in Alabama.

6: Chapel Hill


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Chapel Hill is an opulent metropolis home to the beautiful campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, making it an ideal college town if there ever was one.

The town’s environment changes over the semester, as does the local populace. Families who live here year-round, on the other hand, will have plenty to do when school is in session and more room to explore during the summer.

The public school system is one of the best in North Carolina, and the surrounding towns of Durham and Raleigh provide high-quality healthcare.

Chapel Hill’s property market and cost of living are greater than in other regions of the state, but for many people, this is a little price to pay for the quality of life and proximity to nature.

7: Boone


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Boone has outgrown its status as another college town in Watauga Country and the Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills. Locals may breathe in the fresh mountain air every day while strolling through the historic streets, which are just feet away from magnificent hiking routes and breathtaking views.

Boone is a little town with a basic way of life that has evolved into a tourist destination because to the surrounding surroundings. Residents and visitors tube down the local river in the summer, and they all watch the foliage change amber in the fall. Also, read Best Places to visit in Massachusetts.

8: Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is a popular choice for many because of its convenient location, inexpensive cost of living, and strong feeling of community. Wake Forest is home to a diverse community of students, young professionals, and families, thus people moving to town may expect a diverse population.

Despite the fact that the property market is below the national average, the quality of life in the area is not represented in the sale price. With a comfortable suburban feel, plenty of arts and culture connected to the university, and plenty of family-friendly adventures, Winston-Salem is a wonderful value.

Winston-Salem is strategically located inside the state, allowing inhabitants to easily travel to other important cities such as Greensboro and Charlotte.

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