Beautiful Small Towns in Australia

The Indian and Pacific Oceans surround Australia, making it the largest country in Oceania. Australia, a traveler’s paradise, is on practically every tourist’s wish list, if not for the Sydney Opera House, then for the Great Barrier Reef or the Outback with its massive Uluru rock.

However, Australia is not just about the huge sights and popular cities; it also has a number of little towns that are equally rewarding in terms of attractions while also providing a more relaxed and serene atmosphere. Here are some of Australia’s most picturesque little towns.

1: Alice Springs – Northern Territory

Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, is commonly referred to as “Alice,” and it may be considered a haven for Australia’s outback appeal. Alice Springs is the starting point for a variety of walks and other outdoor activities, with its pioneering history, endless deserts, breathtaking gorges, and well-established heritage Aboriginal settlements.

The “near” vicinity to Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and the Kings Canyon is the most conspicuous feature of this small hamlet. Check the calendar before you go because the town hosts a number of annual events. Outback ballooning, camel rides, and quad biking are all popular activities in the area. In the city, clear stargazing is also possible, so wherever you are, just tilt your head over and marvel at the pure magnificence. Also, read Most Beautiful Small Towns in England.

2: Kalgoorlie – Western Australia

Kalgoorlie, a traditional country town in Western Australia, preserves its old-world charm and 19th-century appearance. The existence of gold in the area provides an exciting adventure for guests who can visit one of the gold mines, such as Superpit.

Don’t miss the wildflower season if you visit between August and October. Kalgoorlie is also a fairly RV-friendly town, so you can easily park your RV here. The area is also littered with museums and mines, emphasising the town’s reliance on gold.

3: Cygnet – Tasmania

Cygnet is a quaint little township nestled between the D’Entrecasteaux channel and the Huon River. The town has transformed into an artsy village while still serving as a significant fruit-producing location over time.

The Randalls Bay, the Verona Sands, the Cygnet Art Trail, and the various wineries are all popular attractions in Cygnet, which is surrounded by natural landscapes on all sides. Hike through the beautiful hills that surround the town for something more adventurous.

4: Beechworth – Victoria


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Beechworth, an incredibly well-preserved historic town, has evolved from a large town during the gold rush era to a town recognized for its wines and tourism industry. Many prominent institutions and annual festivals are also located in the town. Visit the Woolshed Waterfalls, the Beechworth Historic Courthouse, and the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum for a spooky experience. Also, read Most Beautiful Small Towns in China.

5: Augusta – Western Australia


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Augusta is a charming little town on the Blackwood River estuary, surrounded by the Jarrah Forest. Despite its calm and laid-back populace and laid-back ambiance, the town is a popular tourist destination.

Visit Cape Leeuwin’s iconic rocky headlands, white-sand beaches, Hamelin Bay’s amazing Jewel Cave, and the Historical Museum while you’re here. The Hamelin Bay Wreck Trail is a must-see for anyone with boating and diving experience.

6: Port Douglas – Queensland

Port Douglas is a charming, scenic fishing port on the Coral Sea that serves as the gateway to the Great Barrier Coral, the world’s largest reef system, as well as the Daintree National Park, which is home to the world’s oldest living rainforest.

The town’s most popular attraction, though, is the Four Mile Beach, a stretch of palm-fringed, white-sand shoreline. Port Douglas is an excellent site for swimming, snorkelling with turtles, and beach volleyball, and it also has a lot of delicious seafood restaurants. Also, read Most Beautiful Small Towns In France.

7: Airlie Beach – Queensland


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Airlie Beach is a classic beach resort town on Queensland’s Whitsunday Coast and the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. Airlie Beach is known for its nightlife, with various clubs and backpacker pubs dotting the little town. It also provides a variety of water activities such as day cruises, sailing expeditions, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and more.

Air excursions of the town and its surrounding islands are also available. Because the beach on Airlie is home to a large population of jellyfish, swimmers should head to the man-made lagoon.

8: Port Fairy – Victoria

Port Fairy, Victoria’s oldest port, has long been recognized for its fishing and tourism industries. Port Fairy’s rich history can be seen in the town’s more than 50 historic structures, which were once considered one of the most habitable towns in the world.

The vibrant art scene and the fishing lifestyle are two of the town’s main draws. The Port Fairy Folk Festival, one of Australia’s largest and oldest folk music festivals, is held at Port Fairy.

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