Ayia Napa Markets

You are likely to find whatever you want to buy in Ayia Napa markets because although the city is small, it has a wide variety of shops and markets. In recent years, more clothing stores have opened in Ayia Napa, offering fashion brands and fashionable club outfits. Many stores are surrounding this town.

Stores such as the Terminal and London apparel company have expanded the business in Ayia Napa. Many more specialized stores like the Indian Shop and Rock Rebels offer more exotic fashion options. Many stores are indulging in the passion for Cypriot designer shoes, but you can buy cheap and fun swimsuits throughout the Ayia Napa market. Let’s discuss the most famous market in Ayia Napa.

  1. The Ayia Thekla Market.

The market is located just next to the water park. The market always opens on Wednesday and Saturday from 9 to 2 am. The market has almost everything that you may need to shop for. It has both local and international businessmen. Most products focus on local and past residents. The local products or items that you won’t be able to purchase in the UK are available in this place at an affordable price. Usually, clothes, books, postcards, jewelry, etc. There are many markets and shops in this area, and you will not be wasting your time when exploring them. You’re unlikely to make a deal, and most things will be exactly what you will be searching.

  1. The Winter market

In the winter months, the Saturday morning market is always opened to the central square of Ayia Napa. On this market, there are many yards where the various variety of staff are sold, including jewelry. There is a little bit of everything in this market. Expect clothing, books, DVDs, silver, jewelry, and all other goods. Also, the place has enough restaurants and bars located right on the waterline.

Ayia Napa’s shopping hours The store opening hours vary from winter to summer. In the summer, most stores open around 9:30 or 10:00 and operate until ten or 11:00. Although some shops close on Sunday, many clothing stores are always open to serve tourists and other visitors. Some tourist stores open their doors daily. Many shops are entirely closed during the winter season. People who open usually do this from 9 am to 5 pm. On Wednesdays, many are closed for half a day, mostly on Sunday.

Shopping Hours  in Ayia Napa

Shopping Hours differ from summer season to winter. All through in summer maximum stores open around 9.30 or 10am and are open right via until 10 or 11pm. Some stores do close on a Sunday, Especially Dress shops however a few traveler shops will open but just close a little in advance than on weekdays.
At some stage in iciness, many stores close altogether. those which are open commonly achieve this from round 9am until between 5 and 7 pm. On Wednesdays many have half of day remaining and maximum close completely on Sundays.

Fashion & Designer clothes and beach wear

Ben Sherman – Nissi Avenue
Lacoste – Makarios Avenue, by KFC
Calvin Klein – Makarios Avenue, by KFC
Gant – Makarios Avenue, by KFC
Maze – Makarios Avenue, opposite the square
Style Lounge – Makarios Avenue, opposite the square and a smaller shop opposite KFC.
London Clothing Company – Nissi Avenue
JC Denims – Nissi Avenue
Dash – Kyrou Nerou
Terminal – Nissi Avenue
Y2K Boutique – Nissi Avenue
J&C Casuals – Tefkrou Anthina (Top Road)
Donani – Nissi Avenue (Sandy Bay Area)
Timins – Nissi Avenue (Sandy Bay Area)
Glitz – Next to Jello by the harbour
Wacko – Harbour
Emporio kids – Nissi Avenue
Activ Boutique – Near the harbour
Timins – Nissi Avenue, past Nissi Beach
Envy Boutique – Harbour
P&A Trendy Wear – Ayias Mavris Street
Platinum – Nissi Avenue – next to Belsito Inn
Vavel – Between the trafiic lights and the harbour
Glint – Nissi Avenue
The Brand Shop – Nissi AvenueIndian Shop – Nissi Avenue
Rock N Rebels – Kyrou Nerou
Leather Centre – Nissi Avenue

Shoe Stores

Gigis Italian Shoes – Kyrou Nerou
Melpo Shoes – Makarios Avenue
Shoe Studio – Nissi Avenue
Terminal – Nissi Avenue
Birkenstock – Kyrou Nerou
Agatha & Ecco Shoes – On Nissi Avenue
Philipos shoes – Nissi Avenue
Trendino – Opposite the square


Indian Shop – Nissi Avenue
Erocca Glasses – Nissi Avenue
Foret De Bijoux – Near the harbour

Indian Accessories – Ayias Mavris Street
Ice watches – Nissi Avenue
Borselino Leather, bags shoes and luggage – Nissi Avenue
Marley Accessories – Off the square


Acapella – Nissi Avenue


Napa Forum – Kyrou Nerou
Incredible Universe – Nissi Avenue

Efstatiou – Nissi Avenue
Centrum – by the traffic lights
Lepus – Nissi Avenue (2 shops)
Billys Gift Shop – Nissi Avenue
Santa Napa Store – Nissi Avenue
Anthina Gifts – Nissi Avenue
Blue Lemon – Nissi Avenue
Andonis gift shops – Nissi Avenue
Atlantis Gift Shop – On the square
The Wishing Well and Gifts – Nissi Avenue


Puma – Just off the square
Nicos Sports – On the top road & on Nissi Avenue,


Nicholas Jewellers – Nissi Avenue, near Romeo Inn
Rialos jewellers – Nissi Avenue, near Anthea Apartments
Carats – Makarios Avenue, opposite KFC
Andrews Jewellers – Next to Romeo Inn on Nissi Avenue


Altar – At the bottom of Grecian Bay Road opposite the museum.
Thomas Furs – At the harbour.

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