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A spa trip in Europe is a terrific way to physically and emotionally rejuvenate, frequently through a customised combination of high-tech health tests, relaxing massages, and a refined cuisine, all in a magnificent back-to-nature location. This is our pick of the greatest game-changing spas in Europe that actually deliver on wellbeing, whether it’s for cutting-edge treatments that tackle a specific condition like sleeplessness or stress, or a cossetting vacation that rebalances and energises.

1: Preidlhof , ITALY


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Set against a backdrop of olive trees and orchards in the gorgeous South Tyrolean Vinschgau Valley, Preidlhof is all about enabling guests to find a balance between hedonistic wellbeing and a sense of purpose. In other words, reconnect with themselves and others as part of a comprehensive self-discovery programme. Ayurvedic remedies, morning yoga, hiking, and natural forest bathing are all available. A sauna tower with meditation chambers, salt rooms, and steam tubs is also available. Patrizia Bortolin, a coach and spa director, has created a series of retreat plans that feature eight unique transformational trips (ideal for specific issues such as sleep disturbance as well as emotional recovery). While Stefano Battaglia’s osteopathy-based trauma treatment and bodywork helps to release stuck emotions, ancient Chinese breath-and-movement sessions allow you to relax and re-calibrate. Healing Holidays’ wellbeing at its most restorative, with truly meaningful benefits, is nourishing and deeply caring. Also, read Best Tacos near me.

2: Chenot Palace Weggis , SWITZERLAND

From the fresh air to the sweeping Alpine views, there are many reasons to make a beeline for Lake Lucerne. However, the new flagship property from this renowned health company now takes precedence. It was developed by Henri Chenot, the late founder of the Chenot Method, which combines western medical expertise with Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer holistic preventative treatment. Upon arrival, state-of-the-art diagnostics indicate which of the three programmes – Advanced Detox, Recover and Energize, Prevention, and Aging Well – is best for each guest. Treatments are tailored to the individual, and a modified version of the Chenot Diet is included (ingredients are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich). This is the company’s most advanced wellness centre, with an in-house blood-analysis laboratory, a full-body cryotherapy chamber at -110°C, and dedicated sleep chambers where technology converts body heat back into energy. Also read romantic hotels near me.

3: SHA Wellness Clinic , SPAIN


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Alfredo Bataller founded SHA near Alicante in 2008 after a major health diagnosis and subsequent improvement after changing his lifestyle. Since then, everyone from celebrities to oligarchs has flocked to this opulent medical facility. Many books focus on weight loss, but some address healthy ageing and, more recently, the long-term implications of Covid-19. There are additional programmes for sleeplessness and smoking, as well as osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and cognitive therapy. Despite the medical component of a visit here, it nevertheless retains the carefree sense of a vacation in the sun. The Mediterranean and Japanese-influenced dishes are excellent and well-balanced in terms of calories. The health centre offers hydrotherapy circuits, restorative massages, and high-tech facials. And the Healthy Living Academy offers a variety of daily exercises, including kickboxing and Pilates, as well as mindfulness and natural therapy sessions.

4: Euphoria, GREECE

Euphoria built a name for itself as a viable alternative to Asia’s destination spas when it first debuted in 2018, thanks to a method that combines Hippocratic views about the necessity of holistic health with Taoist mysticism. Spartan Spirit of Adventure mixes touring the Spartan region with HIIT sessions at the Sainopoulio amphitheatre and walks through beautiful pine forests, rather than tiresome treadmills and club routines. Other popular programmes include Wellbeing Detox, Yoga and Mindfulness, and the three-night Feel Alive Again, which tries to relieve pent-up negative emotions and tension following the pandemic. From the semi-immersed dome structure in the hydrotherapy pool to the chambers that reference to Byzantine architecture, the interiors themselves are enticing. This is an experience that feels rooted in its surroundings, leaving guests emotionally and physically grounded as well. Also read Breakfast Near Me.

5: Lanserhof Tegernsee , GERMANY


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The Tegernsee valley’s natural springs have long attracted health-conscious visitors to the Bavarian Alps, but this wood-and-glass medi-spa, surrounded by neatly planted gardens and a fairy-tale forest, is as ultra-modern as wellness gets. On-site doctors provide extensive diagnostics (endoscopy services, genetic analysis) as well as urology, neurology, and cardiology evaluations, drawing on a network of surrounding clinics for cutting-edge health tests. All of this is based on the concepts of Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, who felt that a healthy digestive system is the key to happiness, and that limiting one’s consumption of cleansing foods like broths and steamed vegetables helps the body to relax and rebalance. Liver compresses and vitamin infusions can be paired with Augustinus Bader facials and a bathhouse circuit that includes a steam room, sauna, and a new therapeutic cold chamber. It’s great for focusing on specific difficulties, such as stress or skin issues, as well as a general recharge.

6: Clinique La Prairie , SWITZERLAND

When Clinique La Prairie first opened on the shores of Lake Geneva in the 1930s, it was a pioneer in stem-cell treatments and foetal lamb-liver injections (guests included Greta Garbo and Cary Grant). Ninety years later, medi-spas had snatched the spotlight from this Swiss heavyweight, and he was no longer relevant. With the move to human cells, though, it feels absolutely relevant once more. The number of people signing up for the exorbitantly priced, week-long Premium Revitalisation – an intensive preventive and diagnostic programme that includes everything from digging into your DNA profile to spotting vitamin deficiencies – is increasing, and interestingly, the average age of those signing up is decreasing. Perhaps it’s the futuristic spa surrounding the large pool that draws the young, well-informed population, or the large team of top-notch doctors practising in one of the world’s best-equipped medical centres. In any case, it’s cutting-edge technology. Also, read Best Italian Restaurants Near Me.

7: Palacio Estoril , PORTUGAL


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Since Victorian times, when people came to enjoy the health benefits of a cool swim in the Atlantic, the beach resort of Estoril has been popular. Today, the state-of-the-art spa at Portugal’s grande dame Palacio has its own aquatic programme, which includes everything from watsu to hydrotherapy to underwater spin and exercise sessions. The Banyan Tree has a location on the main floor where you can have Balinese and Thai massages as well as rejuvenating facials; upstairs is the wellness centre, where you can get workout classes and medical visits. The extensive list of consultations covers everything from nutrition to ozone therapy, but physiotherapists and osteopaths have a particularly good reputation (excellent for anyone with painful sciatica or posture problems). The multi-tasking team adjusts treatment regimens based on the needs of visitors to ensure an all-encompassing approach to wellness. Outside, the magnificent coastline walkway awaits for invigorating treks to Cascais with soul-soothing ocean views.

8: Palazzo Fiuggi , ITALY


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Since the 14th century, when Pope Boniface VIII reported that drinking it cleaned out his kidney stones, the village of Fiuggi, about 50 minutes from Rome, has been known for its healing waters (Michelangelo also sang its praises when he suffered from the same ailment). Now, at the swanky new medical-wellness hideaway Palazzo Fiuggi, this cleansing aqua is being included into each of the four science-driven programmes, which focus on detoxification, boosting the immune system, achieving optimal weight, and anti-aging. Heinz Beck, the chef of Rome’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant La Pergola, and senescence expert Professor David Della Morte Canosci came up with the food-as-medicine philosophy underlying the nutrient-dense diet here. The gym has virtual-reality workout equipment, sound-healing sessions, a hydro circuit, and a spa with a modern take on traditional Roman baths. This is a well-balanced blend of cutting-edge western medicine and traditional, holistic practises.

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