Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Lakes, with their glistening waters and captivating reflections, are among the most beautiful views on the planet. Seeing a lake’s surroundings reflected in its waters, whether it’s surrounded by towering mountain ranges, dense woods, or barren and desolate deserts, is always magical.

When you consider the fascinating hues, shimmering surfaces, and bright blue skies above, it’s simple to see why the world’s most beautiful lakes are so sought after.

1: Lake Como – Italy


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Lake Como, located in northern Italy, has been a favourite haunt of the wealthy and famous since Roman times. Its beautiful environment and sun-kissed shores, surrounded by forest-clad hills and towering mountains, making it ideal for rest and relaxation.

Elegant lakeside homes and palaces line its dark blue waters, with charming towns and villages strewn about. When you factor in the incredible food, celebrity sightings in Bellagio, and mountain trekking, it’s clear to see why it’s such a popular vacation.

2: Moraine Lake – Canada


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Moraine Lake in Banff National Park is tucked away in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, and it’s a sight to behold. The glacial lake stands out beautifully against the snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains all around it, and is known around the world for its unusual tint of azure blue waters.

While paddling on its calm waters is a great way to soak in the breathtaking scenery, going up to one of the many vistas available is just as gratifying. Moraine Lake, with its unique colour and gorgeous surroundings, is not only one of Canada’s most iconic natural wonders, but also one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the world. Also, read Best Lakes in Pennsylvania.

3: Crater Lake – United States

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and it is located in the crater of a long-defunct volcano. With the crumbling jagged cliffs that surround it, the lake, known for its deep blue colour and crystal-clear waters, makes for some jaw-dropping images.

Aside from its beautiful attributes, the lake and its surrounds provide a plethora of leisure opportunities, including hiking, cycling, and camping. Crater Lake is the centrepiece of the same-named national park and one of Oregon’s most popular tourist destinations.

4: Lake Wakatipu – New Zealand


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Lake Wakatipu, on New Zealand’s South Island, is known for its breathtaking scenery and rocky mountains that surround it. The Remarkables mountain range, as its name suggests, is unquestionably the best of the bunch.

The adventure capital of Queensland is tucked away along the picturesque shorelines of the glacial lake. Visitors can arrange for hiking, paragliding, and white-water rafting among the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Lake Wakatipu from here. Adrenaline enthusiasts can skydive above the shimmering waters of the beautiful lake for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also, read Most Beautiful Lakes in Sweden.

5: Inle Lake – Myanmar


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Inle Lake is a terrific site to visit, whether you’re interested in history and culture or beautiful natural scenery. It’s nestled among the gorgeous Shan Hills. In addition to being surrounded by centuries-old monasteries and temples, the lake is home to a number of peaceful fishermen’s settlements perched on bamboo stilts.

These lakeside settlements, with their floating markets, are now a famous tourist destination, proudly displaying Myanmar’s rich culture. Inle Lake, Myanmar’s second-largest lake, is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Taking a boat tour across its serene waters is an excellent opportunity to see its various beauties.

6: Lake Pehoe – Chile


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Lake Pehoe is undoubtedly one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous lakes in the world, especially when viewed with the towering Torres del Paine mountain range in the background. The lake is located in a remote section of Chilean Patagonia, but it is well worth the effort once you see the stunning glaciers, dazzling waterfalls, and breathtaking mountains that surround it.

The bright blue waters and lovely backdrop of Lake Pehoe, located in Torres del Paine National Park, are breathtaking at any time of day, but especially after sunset.

7: Lake Tahoe –United States

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, straddling the states of California and Nevada. The lake’s crystal-clear waters were formed over two million years ago in the Sierra Nevada, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and forests.

There are a variety of amazing recreational possibilities available, including skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking and water sports in the summer. In addition, travellers can stay at lakeside casinos, opulent hotels, and ski resorts.

It’s no surprise that Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination, with so much beautiful scenery to see and so many engaging activities to try. Also, read Most Beautiful Lakes in California.

8: Lake Bled – Slovenia


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Lake Bled’s reflected waters are as lovely as they come, set in a scenic position with lush forests around it and the spectacular Julian Alps looming in the distance. It’s no surprise that the lake is one of Slovenia’s most famous tourist attractions, especially when you consider the gorgeous tiny island with its Gothic church at its centre.

Lake Bled is not to be missed, even if it may get very crowded, especially during the summer months; a boat excursion over its tranquil waters to the island is a must. Lake Bled is a beautiful site to visit at any time of year, whether it is covered in snow or decked out in autumnal colours.

9: Lake Kawaguchi – Japan


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Lake Kawaguchi is graced with one of Japan’s most spectacular and well-known sights, with the iconic snow-covered cone of Mount Fuji mirrored in its waters. The lake has long drawn visitors to its beaches due to its beautiful beauty. Many people enjoy boat rides around the dark blue waters, photographing the gorgeous peak.

Kawaguchi, one of the Fuji Five Lakes, is also known for its soothing hot springs and lovely cherry blossoms that line the lakeshore. Lake Kawaguchi with Mount Fuji in the background has long been a photographer’s dream, immortalised in Hokusai’s beautiful woodblock prints.

10: Lake Pichola – India

Lake Pichola in the Indian state of Rajasthan is an attractive sight, with fine palaces, marble temples, and gorgeous villas strung around its borders and islands. Despite its natural aspect, the lake is man-made, having been constructed in 1362 in the centre of Udaipur, the ‘City of Lakes.’

The opulent City Palace was built along its banks over the ages, while the exquisite Lake Garden Palace was built on one of its islands. The true show-stopper, though, are Lake Palace’s blindingly bright white walls, which are mesmerizingly reflected in the lake’s waters.

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