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10 Best Things To Do In Granada

Andalusia is a legendary region, and these 10 must-do activities in Granada, Spain, are just a few of the highlights. Everything is unique, from the Alhambra to the cathedrals, from tiny coffee shops to bodegas. The finest things to do in Granada, Spain are listed below.

I instantly fell in love after spending a few nights touring the city. The meandering, mediaeval streets lead to one breathtaking view after another. Cafes and eateries abound along the path, brimming with life.

One local had an opinion that stayed with me the rest of the trip. I had inquired as to why Granada was so dissimilar to the rest of Spain. What was his response? “Life is simple.” This literally means “life is simple.” It felt just like that during my three days in Granada, Spain. The city makes you feel at ease and urges you to immerse yourself in its diverse culture.

Visit The Alhambra

Visit The Gardens Of Generalife

Sunset at Mirador De San Nicolás


Visit Albayzín


Visit The Granada Cathedral

Sierra Nevadas


Visit Córdoba

Visit old Alcaiceria


Royal Chapel of Granada


The Bañuelo

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