Best Lakes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania boasts a lot of beautiful natural and man-made aquatic beauties that are great places to rest and unwind. Pittsburgh’s surrounds are notable for their abundance of lakes, which provide crucial flood protection to the valley region. The majority of Pennsylvania’s greatest lakes are well-equipped for visitors, as they are surrounded by a designated park and woodland areas. Cabins and campgrounds, as well as boat rentals and launch places, are frequently included. Fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching are three favorite activities on Pennsylvania lakes, which frequently serve as rest stops for migratory animals. Certain attractions may be closed temporarily or require reservations in advance. Currently, some eateries only provide pickup. It’s possible that the hours and availability have changed.

1: Beltzville Lake


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Beltzville Lake, a 949-acre stretch of calm, beautiful waters, is located in the heart of Beltzville State Park, which is considerably larger. The park spans 3,002 acres and is located in the foothills of the majestic Pocono Mountains. Beltzville Lake is a popular fishing and boating destination in eastern Pennsylvania, as well as a stopover for birds on their migratory routes. Beltzville is surrounded by Pennsylvania’s beautiful vegetation, yet its coastlines are covered with sand, producing a beach-like atmosphere that attracts swimmers and bathers. The lake’s beauty is enhanced by a covered wooden pedestrian bridge and several small waterfalls. Also, read Best Tacos near me.

2: Canonsburg Lake


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Canonsburg Lake, located within the Washington County, Pennsylvania county borders, is dedicated to water recreation such as fishing and boating. A concrete dam was built to create a freshwater reserve for the Canonsburg Forging Plant, hence it was created artificially. The state of Pennsylvania goes above and beyond to make fishing possible and pleasurable in Canonsburg. Every year, the Fish and Boat Commission supplies the lake with trout and other fish, and visitors are allowed to fish from the shore or from a handicapped-accessible pier. The lake is equipped with a launch from which to get out on the water for boating.

3: Blue Marsh Lake


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Blue Marsh Lake, a multipurpose lake dammed off to prevent floods in the Schuylkill River Valley, is another jewel of Berks County, Pennsylvania. The surrounding area spans 5,000 acres and has 36 miles of hiking, equestrian riding, and bike paths. Beaches and a picnic spot are available on and near the water, as well as boat launches for access to the fish and wildlife. A well-developed visitor center, concession kiosks, and other comparable amenities are available at Blue Marsh Lake to make a day on the lake accessible and enjoyable. Also read romantic hotels near me.

4: Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir

Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir is part of Bald Eagle State Park, which was founded in 1971 after the artificial lake was dammed and formed. Water from Bald Eagle Creek and numerous other minor streams is collected in the reservoir. The park, which spans 5,900 acres in Pennsylvania’s north-central region, features a beautiful mix of woodlands, wetlands, and fields. Visitors and recreation seekers can camp, boat, fish, swim, and explore nature in its various nooks and crannies in these lands. Guided hikes and wildlife lectures are among the park’s educational offerings.

5: Codorus State Park


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Codorus State Park is a 3,500-acre state park in York County, Pennsylvania, near the city of Lancaster. Lake Marburg, a vast body of water with a beautiful shoreline, covers over half of the park’s land. Visitors can enjoy days of motor boating, sailing, and swimming in the tranquil waters, which are frequent stops for migrating birds. Scuba diving is accessible in Sinsheim Cove on Lake Marburg’s eastern side, which is an especially intriguing feature. A family-friendly pool, as well as camping and picnicking sites, are available at the park. During the summer, educational events are held here. Also, read Best Italian Restaurants Near Me.

6: Conneaut Lake


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Conneaut Lake is unique among Pennsylvania lakes since it is the state’s largest natural glacier lake. Conneaut Lake Park, a haven of natural and man-made leisure opportunities, surrounds it. Lake visitors enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and water skiing, while sunbathers line the lake’s banks to catch the sun’s summer rays. A pleasant vintage boardwalk with amusement and water park rides is located near the lake. These attractions simply add to the enjoyment, allowing visitors to make a multi-day journey out of it. Overnight stays are possible at campsites and cottages.

7: Cowanesque Lake

Cowanesque Lake is a 1,085-acre body of water on the state of Pennsylvania’s northern border with New York. The lake is bordered by undulating forests, and the Tompkins Campground and Lawrence Picnic Area are nearby, providing the ideal set of amenities for day visits or longer vacations. Fishing, swimming, hunting, water skiing, and other outdoor sports and activities are all welcome in the region, which has three boating access sites. Those who want to remain on land can take hikes in the woods or participate in activities in the territory’s amphitheatre. On the lake’s waters, both sailboats and motorboats are welcome. Also, read Burgers Near Me

8: East Branch Clarion River Lake

The Upper Ohio and Lower Allegheny rivers, as well as the Clarion River Valley, flood the district around Pittsburgh, hence the East Branch Clarion River Lake protects the area around Pittsburgh. The lake, which is located in Elk County, is an angler’s dream, since it is home to trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, and tiger muskellunge. There are also options for winter ice fishing here, so the sport may be enjoyed at any time of year. East Branch Clarion River Lake is also popular with boaters, as it has a launch and a number of isolated locations where tourists can anchor for some privacy.

9: Antietam Lake


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In Berks County, Pennsylvania, Antietam Lake has 643 magnificent acres of parkland and lake water, creating a space to enjoy the outdoors. The park surrounding this lake has increased the county’s devoted green space, and people and visitors alike use its banks for picnicking, walking, and admiring nature’s gifts. The beaches of Antietam Lake provide an insight into the history of this part of the United States, in addition to its lush, gorgeous surroundings. The original wooden bridge and stone house that accompanied the water and its surrounding area still survive today, dating back to 1865. A historic caretaker’s home, erected in 1880, is still still standing on the property in its original configuration.

10: Crooked Creek Lake


Crooked Creek Lake was another project aimed at reducing the risk of flooding in the Pittsburgh area. The lake itself is a lovely body of water nestled in the western Pennsylvania hills, surrounded by trees that change colour with the seasons. Because the natural beauty of the area around the lake changes with the seasons, it is a great place to visit all year. The lake includes a boat launch and allows swimmers to swim in its waters, while the beachfront offers miles of area for sunbathers and picnickers. Crooked Creek Lake is also recognised for its diverse fish population, which includes crappie, sunfish, muskie, and bass, to name a few.

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