Fairytales do, after all, deserve a little extra magic. When it comes to exchanging vows with your better half, there are few places on the planet that compare to the wedding locations in Italy. Countless celebrities and well-known people have exchanged vows in Italy’s large and small wedding venues during the last century. So far, none of the couples have been disappointed, propelling Italy’s reputation as a top destination for weddings to new heights. An Italian wedding is the benchmark for how to immortalise your love storey in the midst of nature, history, and incandescent beauty.

There are plenty of gorgeous settings for a dream wedding provided you have a reasonable budget and the proper season in mind. The following is a list of the top wedding Destination in Italy. Check it out!

Villa Monsoglio, Tuscany

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The vivid landscape of Tuscany and the artistic Villa Monsoglio give one of the most beautiful and attractive regions of Italy, making it one of the best outdoor wedding locations in the country. The assortment of fresco art, carefully kept grounds, and a large reception hall give the house a distinct edge.
While the origins of this villa are unknown, its current owners have owned it for about 130 years, during which time they have changed it from an abandoned house to a shelter, and finally to one of the top luxury Italian wedding venues.

Vernazza, Italian Riviera

Vernazza is one of Cinque Terre’s five beautiful settlements, set against the stunning background of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village was founded over 1000 years ago and is typically regarded as the most scenic of the five settlements by tourists. Couples can select from the coastal church, the Old Monastery Town Hall, or any of the fort’s eateries for a wonderful wedding ceremony, according on their preferences.
Vernazza is great for weddings in Italy on a budget if couples are concerned about burning a hole in their wallet.

Borgo Finocchieto, Tuscany

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Borgo Finocchieto is a massive mediaeval house located in Borgo, Italy. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, two of India’s most well-known superstars, sealed the marriage at this lovely wedding resort in Italy.
The guests are treated to some of the finest wine and Italian specialties when they attend a wedding in Tuscany. The in-house chefs work 24 hours a day to give visitors with three delectable meals per day that reflect a vibrant celebration of life. The lavish wedding location, which includes 44 guest rooms, cost a stunning 13 lakh rupees per day to rent for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s spectacular wedding.

Civita di Bagnoregio, Umbria

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Umbria is a lesser-known tourist destination that is equally as gorgeous as Tuscany and serves as an excellent location for immortalising your love tale. Umbria, a scenic town surrounded by hills, is located in central Italy, near to Tuscany. Because of the lack of tourist attention, it is widely recognized as one of Italy’s most unusual wedding sites, which is a blessing in disguise for its visitors.
Civita di Bagnoregio is a traveler’s paradise because as soon as you approach the Umbrian settlement, you’ll notice the large fortified walls that guard the village on a hill, and the only way to get there is over a more than half-century-old footbridge. The site is excellent for a cosy, exclusive, and memorable celebration, with limited lodgings and no cars allowed inside the hamlet.

Lake Orta

Because of its appeal, attraction, and natural atmosphere, Italy is home to numerous beautiful lakes. As a result, a number of them have become picturesque wedding sites in Italy. After all, who wouldn’t be sucked into a web of flattery and charm set against the backdrop of an alpine lake surrounded by a sophisticated mix of Roman and Baroque architecture? Lake Orta is one of the most stunning wedding sites in Italy, where you can start your happily ever after.

Taormina, Sicily

Sicily, arguably one of the world’s most popular tourist locations, is almost ideal for all types of tourism. Sicily has a flair for enchanting all who visit its magnificent island, thanks to its abundance of natural beauty, rich gastronomic pleasures, and friendly people.
Taormina is the most sought-after destination in Sicily for the perfect wedding. It is a little hamlet on Sicily’s eastern coast that embodies beauty and captures the unforgettable sense of a once-in-a-lifetime event such as a wedding.


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Venice is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. A wedding in Venice, however, is an option for adventurous and romantic couples. The city’s romantic atmosphere, as well as its gorgeous canals, are ideal for a wedding. After all, who wouldn’t want to marry in the city of Romeo and Juliet, a timeless love storey that has redefined the meaning of love for almost 300 years?

Villa Pizzo

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Do you wish to tie the knot on the shores of Lake Como like Ranveer and Deepika? Then consider this alternative. Villa Pizza is one of the most beautiful Lake Como wedding locations, with a capacity of up to 200 guests. You will be provided with a boat to transport your guests to the property so that they may participate in the ceremony. However, there is no accommodation available in this villa. The 16th-century mansion exudes grandeur and beauty. The lovely Italian gardens and pier are the ideal location for your wedding ceremony.

Villa Monte Nero

If you’ve always dreamed of having a country wedding, Villa Monte Nero is the place to be. This mediaeval stone farmhouse’s idyllic setting makes it one of the top wedding sites in Tuscany, Italy. The estate has a spa so you don’t have to worry about wedding preparations. The panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards are ideal for exchanging vows. If all you want is for your loved ones to be present, it’s the ideal location for a relaxing, outdoor wedding in Italy.

Hotel Marincanto

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You can get married in Hotel Marincanto if you’re seeking for wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The hotel is located on the Amalfi Coast‘s very edge, providing a beautiful setting for your wedding vows. If you have a certain theme in mind, please inform the hotel staff so that they can create the appropriate decorations. The hotel even has a private beach where you can walk hand in hand with your spouse after the ceremony.

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